Role of the Senior Pastor

The Senior Pastor has executive and supervisory control over and is ultimately responsible for both the spiritual and the corporate health of the Church, including communicating the ministry vision for and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Church.

Role of the Trustees (Non-Staff Elders)

The Trustees shall have the duties and responsibilities generally associated with and exercised by a corporate board and are to serve the Church by assuring compliance with the Church’s management policies and procedures, by approving the annual budget and other major financial commitments of the Church.

Role of the Officers

The Officers are to serve the Church in accordance with those certain roles and responsibilities as may be determined from time to time by the Senior Pastor, the Trustees, or by such persons designated by the Trustees or Senior Pastor.

Role of the Overseers (Apostolic Elders)

The Overseers shall provide apostolic oversight to the Senior Pastor and are charged with protecting the Church through counsel, prayer, and if required, the discipline of the Senior Pastor.

Role of the Senior Pastor Leadership Team (Staff Elders)

The Senior Pastor Leadership Team serves in both a spiritual leadership capacity and in a staff leadership capacity, as the protectors and encouragers of a positive spiritual climate within the Church and as seasoned and experienced members of the pastoral team who work alongside the Senior Pastor in carrying out his directives.

Role of the Members

The members support the Senior Pastor partnering to see people Encounter God, Experience Life Change, Discover Purpose, and Change the World. Owning the vision influences the spiritual tone, strength, and direction of the church.